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Compressors for refrigeration and air conditioning
Bock compressors for refrigeration and air conditioning

Bock Semi-hermetic compressors

- HG suction gas-cooled
- HA air-cooled
Suction gas-cooled semi-hermetic compressor HG and air-cooled compressor HA. Full capacity range of innovative, modern compressor technology with 2/4/6 and 8-cylinders. Suitable for all current refrigerants, as well as CO2.

For the EX range we are the first European manufacturer to offer compressors certified according to ATEX machine category 2.

Bock Open type compressor

For drive with standard motors via V-belt or direct clutch. Flexible motor arrangement allows for practically all drive-related requirements. Suitable for all current refrigerants, also NH3.

Bock Open type motor compressors

This exclusive Bock compressor design has been proven with a long-standing history for reliability. The machine has the compact dimensions of a semi-hermetic compressor and yet offers all advantages of an open compressor. Compressor and drive motor are one unit while shaft seal separates the motor and separate housing and is freely accessible. Advantages are always available where an open compressor offers the best solution and yet a semi-hermetic compressor is desired. The machine is suitable for all standard refrigerants in application including Ammonia (NH3)

Bock service & spares Genova

Bock service & spares Portofino

Bock service & spares Montecarlo

Bock service & spares Antibes

If you have a marine airconditioning or refrigeration breakdown or emergency. If you need service or repair on any Bock compressor or related equipment then contact our RINA certified Naval Refrigeration engineer for a non-committal chat on how best to resolve the situation:
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+39 328 5603140
Bock compressors
Bock compressors
Bock compressors HG/HA
Bock compressors HG/HA

All services carried out by R.I.N.A. Certified technical personnel with degree in Naval Refrigeration.


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