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  • service and spares for all marine aircon refrigeration cooling systems

    expert troubleshooting, repair, service and spares for all marine aircon refrigeration cooling systems

  • new or retrofit chiller unit and refrigeration

    any new or retrofit chiller unit and refrigeration system with new green gas

  • chiller unit design and 3D modeling

    chiller unit design and 3D modeling

refrigeration engineering


cooling system service


marine aircon spares


COLDMARINE Refrigeration and AirConditioning

expert troubleshooting, repair, service and spares

At Coldmarine we are experts in the resolution of problems related to on board air conditioning systems and refrigerators.

Our experience over thirty years allows us to solve all situations that require rapid and qualified intervention with competence and speed.

Our staff is RINA Certified according to the European directive CE N. 842/2006 and is specialised exclusively for work onboard marine vessels, we do not work on terrestrial systems.

Our engineering service allows us to provide all customers with a "tailor-made" design service for each specific sector.

We have professional tools for verification and measurement with data logging of parameters such as: flow, fluid velocity, temperature, hygrometric degree, air quality.

We also provide thermographic IR analysis for machinery and verification of thermal bridges and insulation of onboard refrigeration cells.

We offer rapid service for the revision of refrigeration compressors and the replacement of electronic boards for all refrigeration and air conditioning systems for all brands.

Last but not least, we guarantee fast customs clearance at competitive prices for quick boarding of materials and spares on non-EU foreign flag yachts.

Yacht refrigeration and airconditioning systems components, spares, service and expertise

Design of on board chiller and motorcondenser units for galley, refrigerated areas and centralised refrigeration systems for hotels.

Refrigeration unit dimensioning according to clients footprint requirements. Design of "package" systems that can be taken on board through the ships watertight doors and fitted without the need to cut the vessels deck or side.

Design of control panels using Lloyds Register approved PLC all according to ASHRAE regulations.

Possibilty to mirror control panels in other locations.

alco controls refrigerant valves
aqua air chillers
bitzer aircon compressors
bock refrigeration compressors
calpeda compressor pumps
carlyle quality compressors
carrier aircon compressors
copeland compressors
danfoss valves and controls
dorin refrigeration systems
foster commercial refrigerators
frigonautica stainless steel refrigerators
termodinamica titanium heat exchangers
l'unite hermetique refrigeration compressors
vitrifrigo refrigerators, icemakers and winecellars

Onsite in all Mediterranean Yachting Ports

Coldmarine guarantees rapid intervention with qualified technicians in all ports in Liguria and the Côte d'Azur with short notice and quick service for the supply of original spare parts for all leading brands of Marine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning equipment.

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Tel: +39 328 5603140
Fax: +39 010 321779

Opening Hours

8:00-12:30 / 13:30-18:30 CET

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