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Carrier Compressor 5F/5H

Compressors for refrigeration and air conditioning
Carrier compressors for refrigeration and air conditioning

  • Automatic unloaded starting, expensive high-torque motors are unnecessary, reducing initial expense.
  • High-efficiency motor can further increase efficiency of 5F and 5H compressors.
  • Crankcase casting, cylinder head, and valve plate designs allow for a smooth, unrestricted refrigerant flow.
  • Refined, two-piece shaft seal assembly virtually eliminates seal leakage for maximum reliability over a wide temperature range.
  • Efficient crankcase heater design prevents accumulation of liquid refrigerant in the crankcase during shutdown, dilution of the compressor oil supply.
  • As suction pressure changes, capacity control automatically reduces compressor capacity to as low as 35% of full-design load, reducing horsepower requirements as demand changes. Part-load operation increases energy efficiency, reducing utility bills.
  • Large-capacity, manually reversible oil pump, automatic pressure regulator, and oil-filtering system provide positive pressure lubrication, extending life.
  • Suction gases flow around cylinder sleeve to keep the cylinder cool, reducing cylinder wear.
  • Greater operating efficiencies by running an oversized compressor at a reduced RPM.

Coldmarine offers an affordable service and spares for Carrier in all Mediterranean harbours:

Carrier service & spares Genova

Carrier service & spares Portofino

Carrier service & spares Montecarlo

Carrier service & spares Antibes

If you have a marine airconditioning or refrigeration breakdown or emergency. If you need service or repair on any Carrier compressor or related equipment then contact our RINA certified Naval Refrigeration engineer for a non-committal chat on how best to resolve the situation:
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+39 328 5603140
Carrier Compressor Service
Carrier Compressor Service
Carrier Compressor Spares
Carrier Compressor Spares

All services carried out by R.I.N.A. Certified technical personnel with degree in Naval Refrigeration.


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