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Refrigeration & Aircon Engineering Services

Chillers Performance test

  • Gas pressure and temperature measurement registration 24hh.
  • Thermal imaging functioning analisys 24hh.
  • Percentage analysis of glycol.
  • Oil acidity test.
  • Leaks detection with infrared system.
  • Chiller yield report.
chiller unit
Chillers Performance test

Thermal Imaging

  • Identification of thermal bridges and thermal motors (pumps , compressors) hoverheating.
  • Inspection of thermal insulation degradation.
  • Survey of Refrigeration systems and A/C Chiller Units and their electric control panels.
  • Cold rooms doors dispersions(gasket) and evaporators coils functioning check.
  • Deatailed Videos and Pictures reports complete with hi/lo temperature spots.
sea water condenser thermal analysis
Carlyle compressor thermal analysis

Air Quality Analisys

For cabins, saloon and crew areas, detailed report with digital data logging of :

  • PM2,5/PM1/PM10.
  • HCHO (Formaldeyde).
  • TVCO (Organic Components).
  • HR%.
  • Temperature.
  • Air velocity and noise.
air quality analizer

Temperature Data Logging

  • Temperatures data logging for Freezers and Fridges rooms up to three days.
temperature data logging

Heat Exchangers Water Flow Measurement

  • Sea water and chilled water flow measurements with ultrasonic digital equipment.
ultrasonic flowmeter

Compressors electric motors insulation test

  • Performed with professional insulation meter tester.
electric motors insulation test


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refrigerazione navale

RINA Certification

All services carried out by R.I.N.A. Certified technical personnel with degree in Naval Refrigeration.

R.I.N.A. Certified technical personnel


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