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M/Y KARIMA -  Propulsion Electric Motor cooling system

Bock open drive compressor, Bock service, Bock spares

Cooling system for Propulsion Electric Motor and Converter room based on chiller unit with BOCK open drive compressor 40Kw refrigerating power and automatic unloading system.
Intermediate circuit equipped with cooling plate heat exchangers. Digital control panel and Starter for cooling system and Pumps.

hiller unit with BOCK open drive compressor

hiller unit with BOCK compressor

Sea water Ice Maker Motocondensing Unit

semi-hermetic Bock compressor, Bock service, Bock spares

R404A motocondensing unit sea water condensed equipped with semi-hermetic BOCK compressor for North Star Ice Maker, production 3Tons./24hh.
Electric control panel and starter for compressor and sea water pump.

motocondensing unit with bock

semi-hermetic BOCK compressor ice maker with bock compressor

M/Y FORCE BLU - Crew and fitness area chiller unit

Danfoss compressors, Danfoss service, Danfoss spares

R404A chiller unit 20Kw refrigerating power equipped with Danfoss/Maneurop Hermetic compressors and plate evaporataor.
Modification of existing electric control panel and installation of n.1 new digital controller for compressors control.

chiller unit Danfoss, Maneurop Hermetic compressors