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Compressor refrigerators – unbeatable performance

Compressor refrigerators

Home-like cooling comfort
Equipped with Danfoss high-tech compressors, the well-proven refrigerators of the WAECO CoolMatic series provide outstandingly intensive, long-lasting refrigeration for mobile applications. Their operation is perfectly reliable even in tilted positions and high ambient temperatures. They work economically, extremely quietly, and on solar energy, too. The various models of the CoolMatic series satisfy all requirements a camper fridge has to meet. There’s a matching appliance for every size of vehicle and for every room situation. The interior features compare extremely well with your dometic fridge ...



CoolMatic CR/CR ChromeCoolMatic CR / CR Chrome
Premium refrigerators

Tropical-rated compressor refrigerators with premium equipment: separate *** freezer compartment, double door lock, interior light and a lot more. Perfect, functional design in stainless steel look or chrome finish.

  • 48 to 136 litres gross capacity
  • Premium design with cool blue light inside
  • Recessed door grips
  • Functional cooling space
  • Separately insulated *** freezer compartment – tropical-rated
  • Patented lock: close or vent
  • 2006 DAME Award Mets Category WinnerInstallation with standard or flush-mount frame
  • Tropical-rated
  • Impeccable operation in inclined positions



CoolMatic CRP-40
CoolMatic CRP-40Compact entry-level model

39-litre capacity and cool CR looks: the CRP-40 built-in refrigerator is ideal for smaller recreational vehicles and for confined spaces.

  • 39 litres gross capacity
  • Recessed door grips
  • Functional cooling space
  • Patented lock: close or vent
  • Installation with standard or flush-mount frame
  • Tropical-rated
  • Impeccable operation in inclined positions



WAECO CoolMatic MDCCoolMatic MDC
Camper fridges with absorption dimensions

The same dimensions as commonly used absorption refrigerators – but considerably more useful capacity and cooling performance. MDC refrigerators need no gas supply, and no ventilation either. Ideal for operation with a solar unit.

  • 43 to 110 litres gross capacity
  • No need to install a gas supply, no air intake/outlet required
  • Highly energy-efficient and therefore very suitable for solar operation
  • Impeccable operation in inclined positions



WAECO CoolMatic HDC-150CoolMatic HDC-150
Favourably-priced under-cabinet solution

Would you also like your on-board kitchenette cast from the same mould? Then it’s time to get acquainted with the new refrigerator series WAECO CoolMatic HDC-150. All three units can easily be equipped with decor panels and integrated into existing furnishings.

  • 105 to 147 litres gross capacity
  • Ideal for under cabinets or free-standing installation
  • Perfectly equipped for fitting decor panels
  • Compressor refrigerator (HDC-150L), compressor refrigerator with freezer compartment (HDC-150FF) or compressor freezer (HDC-150DF)
  • Impeccable operation in inclined positions



WAECO CoolMatic HDC 190 / HDC-220 / HDC-270CoolMatic HDC-220
Jumbo-size cooling on the move

With capacities ranging from 165 to 281 litres, these low-priced units are as big as household refrigerators. Useful extras: spacious, pull-out multiboxes and two separate doors for the cooling and freezing compartments. The perfect refrigerators for yachts and commercial shipping.

  • 165 to 281 litres gross capacity
  • For larger yachts and commercial shipping
  • Separate doors for refrigeration and freezer compartments
  • Spacious pull-out fruit/vegetable bins
  • Impeccable operation in inclined positions


Coldmarine ......

Coldmarine offers an affordable service and spares
for Waeco Coolmatic Compressor Refrigerators in all Mediterranean harbours:

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